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Lismore is a top property investment destination in Australia, with its suburbs of Girards Hill, East Lismore, Nimbin and Richmond Hill in constant demand with interested buyers across the country. Not only is the area considered by many to be the commercial hub of New South Wales’ Northern Rivers region, but it also offers easy access to the popular neighbouring areas of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. With a high average household income and lower than average median age, Lismore is the perfect place for those looking to get started on the residential and investment property ladder.

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If you’re located in Lismore and would like to work with home valuation specialists and property valuers Lismore you can trust, then Cunningham Valuers & Property Advisers can give you the assistance you need through easy to understand, actionable advice.
As we’re a fully independent valuation firm, we can give you the unbiased, objective advice you require to make any decision regarding your property. We strive to tend to any query as a matter of urgency, so you can also look forward to very fast turnaround times. We understand that often time is of the essence when you’re looking to sell, buy, refinance or renovate a property so we’ll do all we can to uphold our part of the bargain.

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Cunningham Valuers & Property Advisers offer clients a wide variety of specialised property valuation services. One of our most popular services is our non-mortgage valuation offering, and our rental property valuation is also requested often. We offer our family law valuations to ensure that divorce and separations can be conducted in Family Law Court Proceedings, and we can even act as your Expert Witness in cases like these.
Another popular service of ours is our tax depreciation offering. The service is aimed at helping you negotiate the often-complex process of claiming allowances on a certain property’s value depreciation in accordance to the law. If need be, we can also assist you in matters involving stamp duty, transfer duty, sales advice before and after property purchases and much more.
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